More like 99/1.

Not saying the rule’s wrong.

In fact:

It’s so right it’s not even funny.

Especially when it comes to making a change

Where there’s so much you could do.

And so little you should do.

But you wouldn’t know it, looking around.

For example:

Bob’s over there eating nothing but Kale

For a diet that will last .8 days.

Joe’s running again.

Just cuz.

Carla’s all:

“You just have to meditate and do yoga.”

But that was four hours ago.

And now she scarfing down a large pizza.

While watching the Kardashians.

Oh yeah and don’t forget the detox tea.

That she paid $6 for.

Next up, Shane.

After two long weeks, he’s finally finished his first book.

About this new paradigm shift people would pay $1000s of dollars not to read.

Then you got Donna.

Bless her heart.

On day 19 of a 90-day challenge.

Only her income is going down, not up.

But hey, she’s not stopping.


Hashtag hustle.


For the love of Netflix, stop majoring in minors.

Start looking for the one thing that’s the easy way out.



Limitless Pill.

The next book.

Hiring a new personal trainer.

Depending on where you’re at?

It’s prob’ly one of the above.


It’ll vary from day to day.

And some days, you might have two or three things.

But seriously.


And slow the hell down.

And do it way the hell better.

So that it actually works.

Like, for me?


All I’m doing, to accomplish my goals, are my daily tasks.

That’s it.

That’s the only thing on my plate.

What else is there?

My plan’s a gravy train on biscuit wheels.

I just gotta trust the process.

And add some effort here or there.

Anything else, I’ve learned?

Would produce little or no results.

Or even sabotage future success.


By making me too busy to go all in on the task at hand.

In this case, my daily goals.

Ya know?


Enough preaching.

Save this.

Open it up and reread it whenever you feel stuck.


PS, book a damn call