Imagine that tonight, as you sleep, your world magically changes. Think of the Movie “Big” with Tom Hanks.

You wake up tomorrow morning with everything you’ve ever wanted.

Every life change, every goal, everything you’ve ever striven for has been achieved.

You don’t how know this miracle happened — you were asleep, after all — but you know it’s perfect.

You open your eyes, yawn, and look around.

Now answer a question for me:

What does your life look like? Which things are different?

Define “Progress”?

If you’re going somewhere, how will you know when you get there?

And how will you know that you’re on track to your destination?

With my optimization clients I like to focus on three important areas of progress:

Mind: What are you saying to yourself about your self worth and direction?

Body: Are your body systems operating at a high enough level to accomplish your goals?

Soul: How at peace are you with your emotions?

In other words: How do you look, feel, and perform?

I use many tools to track and measure progress such as journals pictures and KPI’s.

For instance, using the three measures of progress above, you might also improve:

  • motivation
  • your blood profile (e.g., triglycerides, cholesterol)
  • work capacity
  • emotional intelligence
  • relationships

Each person wants to be a H.E.R.O. for their own reasons.

Your H.E.R.O’s journey is unique.

What counts as “progress” to you will be different than what determines “progress” for someone else.

Track other kinds of progress

It’s hard to see “progress” in daily life because you see yourself every day.

But you can easily measure other types of progress, depending on your goals:

  • Are you sleeping better at night?
  • Are you measurably more productive in your career?
  • Did you do all of your workouts this week?
  • Has your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol gone down from your last blood test?

While these are “hard facts”, other types of progress are intangible.

And some can really surprise you.

For instance, here’s what some of my previous clients said improved:

“I walk tall now.”

“My posture is better.”

“I’m so much happier on the inside.”

“I’ve become a better father / husband.”

“I feel healthy.”

“I feel confident in my food decisions.”

“I’m more organized.”

“I’m stronger…inside and out.”

“I’m determined.”

“I’m more focused.”

These things are less measurable… but my clients noticed and felt them anyway.

Track what’s important to YOU

The H.E.R.O.’s Journey is YOUR journey.

So track what’s important and meaningful to YOU.

Ask yourself:

What will tell me that I am getting better at doing what I want to do?

How do I know I’m on track to accomplish my goals?

If I get what I want, how will I know?

Look for progress everywhere

You never know where progress may lurk.

Keep an open mind, and hunt for it.

You’ll find that it’s easier to let yourself go slowly if you can find small signs of everyday progress.

Today, see if you can notice a small victory you can celebrate!

Action Steps

Understand that you can measure progress in many ways.

Ask yourself:

What’s important to me? What do I want to do accomplish?

What will tell me that I am getting better at doing these things?

What will tell me I’m on track to accomplish my goals?

If I get what I want, how will I know?

Choose your indicators of progress.

List three things that will tell you that you are making progress.

Notice other small changes.

Look at your behavior. Your habits. Your daily routine. How your body feels and works.

Where in these other areas do you see small signs of progress?

As always friends if you need help in any of these areas simply reach out. I would love to help in any way I can. Click Here to Learn More!

Until next time my friends, go, love, serve and change the world by becoming the H.E.R.O. you were destined to be!

The Struggle is Real, But You Are Stronger,

Robby D’Angelo

Human Optimization Expert

Best Selling Author, and Speaker at The Biohacked Life