Human Capital Program

It’s not alwayss about more production. The only way to improve performace metrics is through increasing the engagement and skills of your human capital.

Let’s start with two incredibly important definitions:

“Mental Optimization” – Meaning the optimization of your current mental operating system to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible toward your current mission.

“Human Capital” – Meaning the mindset, ability, and characteristics of everyone involved in a business or endeavor, including anyone who plays a part in helping you accomplish your goals.

In business terms, we might describe human capital as a combination of factors such as the following:

Intelligence, energy, a generally positive attitude, reliability, commitment

Aptitude, imagination, creativity, and what is often called ‘‘street smarts,’’ savvy (or how to get things done)

Team spirited and goal oriented

Understanding this is core to our philosophy. We help organizations create the right collective mental environment and processes to execute on their mission and vision. What would it look like if work teams were driven and passionate about creating immense value for the business? It does not matter what the business does, what product is being sold, or the service offered; it is the people who drive and ultimately make the business thrive. If that is the truth, what can be done to make sure human capital is mentally optimized to be in a near-constant state of peak performance?


Everyone from executives to anyone directly interacting with customers can work together to foster an environment that supports growth, learning, and value. It is also crucial to aim at more fulfillment, not just more productivity. How engaged are we in creating value? What does that mean to the team? What is each individual’s definition of success? Is it aligned with the teams? Fulfilled employees stay longer and attract the most loyal customers, and often time fulfillment comes from the alignment of values and knowing you did a job well done.


The most important resource for most companies is their employees. It can oftentimes, be difficult to find new team members for specific roles. In such an environment wouldn’t it make sense for a business to do everything possible to nurture and foster the growth of the good people they already have? One of the biggest reasons companies won’t invest in the success of their human capital is a misconception about the ROI, the actual monetary investment, and its return, that they associate with corporate growth programs.


Those statistics all make a rather compelling case. Many businesses would traditionally use systems, processes, and SOP’s, which are fantastic for just what they aim to accomplish, but too many times, businesses forget it takes humans to actually implement those plans. People are not robots who can just follow an algorithm to operate. Now more than ever, human capital needs to be optimized to better adapt to change, handle adversity, and create value. 


Many programs aim to improve these areas but fall short because they fail to take a holistic approach with a skilled, motivating servant leader who will work deeply with people to drastically improve results. Robby D’Angelo is one of those leaders. He comes from coaching elite athletes, top executives, and special forces and specializes in the optimization of human capital with the belief in creating personal value to the point of becoming undeniable. His clients learn how to reprogram their mindset for success and abundance through various techniques and disciplines but always with the focus on living an aligned, abundant life. Now, he has taken this experience and translated it into programs that take human capital teams to the next level.

When broken down, quantitative measurement methods tend toward cost, capacity, and time. In contrast, qualitative measures focus on value and human reactions. The quantitative tells us what happened, whereas the qualitative gives us some idea of why it happened.


Take ownership of your value and your success. If it is to be, it’s up to me. The Intraprepreneur Mindset

Going beyond just learning from your mistakes… We are going to level up!

Your base operating system. Sometimes your phone needs an update.

What operating system allows you to function effectively and efficiently with the least amount of stress on the hardware?

Language is the most powerful tool you have for writing the story of the world you want to create.

Understanding the power of intentionally using your tools to change your life.

how effectively and efficiently are teams able to collaborate and work together in a manner where everyone is mission-focused working together to bring out undeniable synergy.